New York Fishing & Hunting Reports

Your New York Fishing Experiences

Our fishing reports provide the latest updates on the hottest fishing spots, species in abundance, and optimal fishing conditions on Lake Ontario. Led by Captain Justin Irving, our experienced guide, you'll have the insider knowledge and techniques needed to reel in trophy-sized fish. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, join us for an unforgettable adventure and discover why Over The Rail Sportfishing is the ultimate choice for an action-packed day on the water.

We get these questions a lot. Is New York good for fishing? What fish are in season in New York right now? Where is the best place to fish in NY? Well, New York is known for its diverse fishing opportunities and abundant fish species. With its coastal areas, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs, anglers can enjoy a wide range of fishing experiences throughout the state. Read some of our fishing reports to learn about the adventures our visitors have catching these fantastic fish! 

Over The Rail Sportfishing offers a range of fishing trip options in New York, ranging from 4 hours to 10 hours. Tailored to your desired adventure and skill level, you can select the perfect fishing experience to suit your preferences. Although there are a ton of resources available to assist you plan your upcoming fishing trip, we are happy that you found our advice to be useful. We at Over The Rail Sportfishing are dedicated about educating enthusiastic fishermen like you about this magnificent piece of water. We can't wait to go fishing with you!

Recent fishing reports show that fishing on Lake Ontario has been excellent in recent weeks. Anglers have reported catching large numbers of Brown Trout as well as Lake Trout and Steelhead.

Your Adirondack Hunting Experience

If you're an avid hunter, or even just getting into it, then the Adirondacks are definitely a place that you want to visit. With vast areas of forests and mountains, it’s no wonder why Adirondack hunting has become so popular. The region is home to a wide variety of game animals including White-Tailed Deer and Black Bear.

Our Adirondack hunting reports provide valuable information on where to find certain species of game animals at different times of the year. This can be especially helpful when planning your next hunting trip in the area. Our reports also give insight into recent weather patterns which can affect animal behavior and migration patterns.

Deer hunting is one of the most popular activities in the Adirondacks due to its vast wilderness and elusiveness of these majestic giants. Our reports detail where deer are commonly found during certain seasons and how they behave in various types of weather conditions.

While hunting for White-Tailed Deer and Black Bear in the Adirondacks is always pretty good when they are in season there are a few times of year during which we prefer to hunt for them. Starting in November we see bigger Deer in larger numbers as they tend to put on some weight to make it through the long cold winters. As far as timing goes we prefer to hunt the edges of each day, early mornings and and right before dusk tend to produce the most deer.

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